My name is Matt Cooney. Originally from Adelaide I have lived in Canberra now for over 23+ years. Married for 20 years with three teenage children, self employed Building Designer and AFL football tragic.

I have been affected by the tragedy of suicide and issues to do with the mental health of men particularly and this is why I am passionate about raising awareness of the problem that affects so many men across all ages and does not discriminate on your background or upbringing.


I will be part of the challenge to kick to kick for 24 hours and would love your donation to help us raise the much needed funds to support mens health initiatives. Thankyou.


Hi, I’m Paul.  I’ve been in Canberra all my life and started in AFL as a 6 year old.  Some would say I made massive error by switching codes and playing rugby union from the age of 14 into adulthood.  The bottom line is that sporting code is irrelevant, men are men and the problems don’t change and nor does the need to get guys talking about them.


As a parent of two teenagers, I have enjoyed being involved in their sporting endeavours.  Either as a manger for AFL, coach for basketball, or vocal parent for netball.  This involvement in junior sport highlighted the importance of starting conversations with kids early around the issues of mental health.  Menslink’s school program is one of their most critical. 


I am passionate about continuing the fantastic achievements of our cause into the years beyond.


I've lived in Canberra since 1994 and am married with two awesome kids (more like young adults now!). Having played footy for many years, I'm now increasingly involved in junior football and still as passionate as ever about the game of AFL. 

The game has provided me some great mates, many of who I have remained in contact with over more than 30 years. These friendships have also exposed me to the detrimental effects mental health issues can have on many men. That's why we, as a group of mates have taken up the challenge to raise $100K for Menslink.

Our challenge to you is to donate whatever you can to help Menslink continue their fight to help the men of our community. Thank you for your help and we hope to see you at the  footy.


Being born in Melbourne, AFL was always going to be part of my life.  It is a sport that I love and it has helped me to build many long term friendships both in Canberra and on the south coast of NSW, where I grew up. 

These days my footy stretches only as far as a rare kick in the park with my 3 young kids the social AFL 9’s comp; but I still love it.  I’m excited by the opportunity to get together with a few mates to raise money for such an important cause.  I’d say I have been lucky with my health and the general health of the other men in my life, however I’m very aware that it doesn’t take much for a big black hole to open up and consume us. 


Our lives are so busy and pressure filled; stresses creep up and it is easy to feel overwhelmed… we’ve all been there.  I’m really looking forward to the marathon kick to kick event (though not so much the wee hours of the morning!) and I’d really appreciate your support to help raise funds for Menslink and the amazing work they do for the young men of the Canberra region. 


Your business sponsorship would be amazing; though any personal donation is also greatly appreciated. Thank you; wish us luck!


I’m Caitlin, a Canberra girl born and bred and a completely mad Pies fan! I absolutely love the initiative to combine AFL with giving back to the Canberra community.

I’m passionate about raising awareness around suicide and the effects that mental health issues can have on individuals, families and communities. Kicking the footy around is fun, especially when it’s to raise funds for a fantastic local organisation, Menslink. Recognising the great work Menslink does to support young guys in Canberra, the Kick4ACause initiative was created to support them.

I’m excited to be a part of the Kick 2 Kick challenge this April and to raise some much needed funds for Menslink. Whether you love footy or not, mental health affects everyone in some way. Let's break down the stigma by getting involved with Kick4aCause. Thank you for your support!


Hi I’m Anthony and together with the others lads we are keen to set ourselves a challenge while raising money for a worthy cause.  


The task at hand seems simple enough because who doesn’t love to kick the footy!  Victorian bred and country NSW raised footy was a big part of my life growing up -  playing through the junior ranks, teenage years and into adulthood.  Later I also moved into coaching where the great challenge was working with young men – so the similarities easily relate to our cause.


A dedicated Melbourne member I’ve managed to brainwash my two young daughters into the red and blue.


We would love your support any donation would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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