Saturday 4th April 4.00PM START - Sunday 5th April 3.00PM FINISH (due to daylight savings)


Deakin Oval 205, Makin Place, Deakin ACT


Team Entry Fee - $250

What's included?

T-shirts, meals, drinks, entry into fun events, great prizes + more. 


Visit our Event FAQs page for more information.


How to Register

  1. Click the 'DONATE OR REGISTER HERE' button below

  2. A new web page will open, then click on the yellow 'SIGN UP' button and enter your details.

  3. Once you have signed up, you will be sent an email to confirm your registration.

  4. In the confirmation email, click on the 'Get Started' button.

  5. For single registrations, click on 'SIGN UP AS A PARTICIPANT.' 

  6. For new team registrations, click on 'SIGN UP AS A GROUP.' If you have already been allocated into a team, please sign up as a participant and find your team.

  7. Set up your Raisely profile and share with your friends and family!

How to Donate

It's easy!

  1. Click on the 'DONATE or REGISTER here' button below which will take you to our Raisely page

  2. Submit your donation. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

  3. You can also choose to support a team, friend, family or colleague through the profiles.

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